Management Support

Experienced and new senior managers alike, often need an outside perspective and an information source of tried and tested approaches in reshaping and enhancing their organization, to achieve increased growth, profitability, cost reduction, or a complete turnaround. 

Organizational Excellence and long-term success of a company has been proven to depend on sharp focus on Strategy - Execution - Company Culture - Organizational Structure - Leadership Qualities - Talent acquisition, management and retention - Innovation management - Alliances & Mergers.

ADV provides comprehensive support on the development of each of the organizational success elements, based on extensive experience and proven methodologies, as well as by being a sounding board for potential solutions to the executive's challenges to put in place all the success elements, and make them work seamlessly.

A review and Situational Analysis of the organization's current status will reveal areas of high priority, in need of immediate action, and provide the initial baseline of information needed for planning and implementing the appropriate solutions for achieving the stated goals.

Based on the executive's requirements, ADV will scale the level of involvement in each engagement, ranging from a brief overview of current status, to full depth involvement in Interim Management, Board of Directors participation, or long term retainer-based support.

The Situational Analysis and subsequent involvement may include the following areas, based on the reviewed company's activities and the improvement objectives of the Client:


bullet Understanding Organizational Dynamics
bullet Active Listening
bullet Leadership Qualities/Skills
bullet Building the Core Team
bullet Communication and Trust
bullet Conflict Management
bullet Teamwork and Team Goals
bullet Meeting Effectiveness
bullet Delegation Skills
bullet Decision Making

Business Strategy

bullet Market Analysis
bullet Competitive Analysis
bullet S.W.O.T. Analysis
bullet Portfolio Analysis
bullet Value Chain Analysis
bullet Mission-Vision-Values-Operating Principles
bullet Competitive Advantage
bullet Strategic Focus: Operational Excellence, Product Innovation, Customer Intimacy
bullet Core Competencies
bullet Turnaround: Management Change-Pruning-Stabilization-Growth
bullet Strategic Planning and Follow-up
bullet Strategic Imperatives: Planning-Implementation-Measurement-Assessment
bullet Alliances, and Mergers & Acquisitions
bullet Team Building and Off-site Management Team Meetings

Financial Management

bullet Cash Flow Management
bullet Budgeting and Cost Control
bullet Credit & Collections
bullet Management Accounting / Reporting
bullet Legal/Tax Accounting
bullet Capital Expenditures Planning
bullet Bank Relationships and Capital Raising
bullet Hedging

Strategic Human Resources Management

bullet Hiring and Firing Policies
bullet Organization Design, Decision-Making, and Information Flow
bullet Individual Performance Objectives
bullet Company/Department/Position/Individual:
bullet Target Setting
bullet Measurement
bullet Review
bullet Evaluation
bullet Incentives
bullet Learning: Training and Coaching
bullet Internal Career Development

Marketing & Sales Management

bullet Customer Surveying and Preferences
bullet Customer Needs Analysis (B2B, B2C)
bullet Customer Profiling
bullet Customer Segmentation
bullet Profitability Analysis / Costing & Pricing
bullet Brand Management and Advertising
bullet Commitment
bullet Image and Experience
bullet Benefits
bullet Features
bullet Campaign Management
bullet One-to-One Marketing
bullet Sales Plan Development and Commitment
bullet Sales Force Management and Target Setting
bullet Forecasting
bullet Tenders Management
bullet Prospecting, Consulting, and Closing
bullet Customer Relationship Management Systems
bullet Customer Care & After-Sales Support
bullet Maintenance Contracts, Warrantees, Response & Effectiveness
bullet Alternative Sales Channels

Operations Management

bullet Production Planning
bullet Facilities Management
bullet Plant Management and Bottleneck Analysis
bullet Labor Relations
bullet Costing
bullet Legal Affairs, Contracts, Litigation, Arbitration
bullet Regulatory Affairs
bullet Quality Systems & Performance Measurement
bullet Environmental Management
bullet Process Mapping
bullet Streamlining-Automation-Outsourcing-Business Process Re-engineering
bullet Continuous Improvement
bullet Crisis Management & Business Continuity
bullet Insurance
bullet Special Projects Management

Research and Development

bullet Aligning
bullet Customer needs analysis
bullet Project Management
bullet Innovation Outsourcing
bullet Patents
bullet Interface with Production Engineering


bullet Customer Order Entry & Processing
bullet Invoicing-to-Delivery
bullet Warehousing & Inventory Management
bullet Inventory Replenishment, Spoilage, and Write-downs
bullet Customer Order Dispatching and Delivery


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