Who we are

We pursue our mission, supporting our Clients across the path of analyzing and understanding their current situation, tailoring and rationalizing their strategic and financial direction, planning and communicating their individual strategic initiatives throughout their organization, executing the specific financial or strategic initiatives, and measuring the performance of the Client Company towards achieving its stated goals.

ADV is experienced in Strategic Management Consulting and Finance in European , U.S., and Asian markets, and has individuals with operational experience at senior management positions in multinational companies.  With the wide perspective that comes from consulting experience in many countries and industries, and the pragmatic  approach that results from years of line-management experience, ADV can help you make the difference in your business results.

Industry Sectors

bullet Financial bullet Chemicals  bullet Raw Materials Production
bullet Healthcare bullet Automotive bullet Specialty Chemicals
bullet Consumer Products bullet Defense bullet Government
bullet Computers & Electronics bullet Energy bullet Waste Management

Functional Practices

bullet Financial Strategy bullet Business Strategy bullet Management Support

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